Soil Testing


We’re working on a soil testing FAQ. Meantime, here’s a list of a few local soil testing companies. We don’t at this time recommend any company over another.

Testing Companies

Apex Laboratories (503-718-2323)
They will provide collection jars for free or you can use a ziploc baggy. You take the samples to them. They recommend 2-4 samples depending on the size of the lab. If a sample is from an area that has been overturned (e.g. garden bed), they recommend getting a deeper sample. Testing is $22/metal/sample so for cadmium and arsenic it would be $44/sample. Turnaround time right now is 5-7 days.

Environmental Works (503-719-6715)
The cost of the sampling depends on how many samples you want analyzed and how fast you want the results. Sample collections are charged at $75/hour for labor – most collections should take no longer than 1 hour. Sample analysis is $70/sample for 10-day turnaround or $100/sample for 3-day turnaround. Samples will be analyzed for arsenic, cadmium and lead. For most people, they are recommending 2 samples from the backyard, one from a grassy area 1-2″ down and another from the raised beds, 6-8″ down; and then one additional sample from the front yard grassy area. So – the cost of this ‘minimum’ recommendation of 2 backyard samples and one front yard sample with a 10-day turnaround would be $285 and you would add $70 for each additional sample you want to have analyzed.

Soil Solutions (503-234-2118)
Alex is the project manager and available to answer additional questions. They charge $150/hr for collecting 2-4 samples which includes the production of a map and a brief report of the results. The analysis fee is $35/sample for arsenic and cadmium levels. Turn around time is 5 days. If you want to bring in your own samples and pay only the lab fees ($35/sample), put them in ziplock bags, label clearly where they came from and you will receive only the lab results (no map, no interpretive report.) They ask that you give them a call before you bring in the samples. They recommend more surface collection for arsenic and cadmium. If you are interested in lead, the lab offers a package of testing for lead, arsenic, chromium, mercury and cadmium for $94 per sample.

Lead Safe America (415-609-3182)