Take Action

Eastside Portland Air Coalition was founded in rapid response to recently revealed toxic air emissions from Southeast Portland glass factory Bullseye Glass. But now we are responding to polluters all over the city. Over 3,100 people strong, we are partnering with groups that are sprouting up to fight for clean air in their own neighborhoods, and joining the broader fight for clean air.

Get involved to help us reach our immediate and long-term goals

  • Join us in putting pressure on DEQ to make strong, health-based temporary and permanent rules for glassmakers and other polluters.
  • Work with community members and elected officials to evaluate the benefits of creating a localized air quality district in Portland.
  • Push for statewide change to achieve much stricter air quality standards, similar to those in California and Washington.

Recent Accomplishments

  • In partnership with Neighbors for Clean Air, we delivered a petition with 5,000 signatures to Oregon Governor Kate Brown with, resulting in an additional $2.5 million granted to the DEQ for air monitoring and rethinking regulatory precepts.
  • We earned over 200 media pieces covering air toxics in Portland in our first two months of operation. Portland air toxics has been covered by national and international news organizations, such as Reuters, NY times, CNN, Al Jazeera.
  • We are changing the law. The Oregon Administrative Rules are now in process of being changed as we work to create stricter standards for polluters, due to our public pressure.
  • Our action has been instrumental in driving the EPA to look at glass manufacturing regulations across the nation.
  • The EPA determined that Bullseye and Uroboros are covered by their 2007 National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants regulations.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we have given support to neighbors who are creating their own groups to fight for clean air in their own communities.

Take Action

We are a group of citizens helping each other handle the impacts of the ongoing toxic air pollution in Portland, Oregon. We’re working side by side with other community groups, businesses, and government agencies to protect the air for all Oregonians. We want change and stricter air quality standards that are implemented and based on the precautionary principle, and on the principles of “health first,” “polluter pays,” and transparency from our public agencies.