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Ways & Means Roadshow

On 11 February 2017, hundreds of citizens turned out for a town hall to tell the Oregon Senate's Ways and Means Committee what to do about our state's $1.8 billion revenue shortfall. The overall message was resounding: corporate tax reform. Oregon's corporations pay the lowest state taxes in the nation. Eastside Portland Air Coalition was there in force to advocate for a robust DEQ budget in support of the air toxics regulatory overhaul. And we agree: the remedy is for corporations who do business in Oregon to start paying their fair share. Here are some of the two-minute testimonials from EPAC: Marny Spoons Thank you for the opportunity ...

Uroboros to Shut? Advocates React

Our own Jessica Applegate speaks to KOIN 6 News.

EQC adopts Permanent Rules for Colored Art Glass Manufacturers

It was a little too exciting this morning as the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission took up proposed Permanent Rules for Colored Art Glass Manufacturers. You could hear a pin drop as Commissioner Rider repeatedly interrupted the staff presentation; long-term followers will remember – she was the sole vote against the Temporary Rules that, prior to today's action, were set to expire on October 18th. But in the end the rules were adopted with only Rider dissenting. Will they become the new national standard for regulating glass companies? It's been a long and thorough review process that is bound to attract the attention of other states as ...

Cleaner Air Oregon: Advocacy Groups Express Concerns

The Eastside Portland Air Coalition, in collaboration with Eugene-based Beyond Toxics, issued a letter this morning to Governor Kate Brown, OHA Director Lynn Saxton, Interim DEQ Director Peter Shepherd, and Deputy DEQ Director Leah Feldon. Download the Press Release here. Concerns about the Governor's Cleaner Air Oregon initiative prompted the letter. Several demands are stated – for starters, the advocacy groups ask the Governor to personally attend the first meeting, but the most compelling demand regards the perception of conflicts of interest, Download the letter to Governor Brown.

Public Comment: Characteristics of the Next DEQ Director

Madame Chair, Commissioners: my name is Frank Peters; thank you for this opportunity for Public Comment. Like everyone here today, I have given much thought to the characteristics of the next DEQ Director, as that person will shape the agency, for better or for worse. Because many others will speak so articulately, I cannot offer a better description of what a new Director should be. My suggestion is for a different approach altogether. Bear with me as I point out your short-term dilemma: in only a few months this agency will submit budgets to the Legislature. So even if you found the perfect candidate tomorrow, you don't have enough ...

EQC Meets to Refine the Recruitment Search

The initial search process failed to identify a suitable candidate to be the permanent Director of the DEQ. As the Environmental Quality Commission takes stock of what to do next, a professional search firm from Colorado is selected and today's meeting includes a wide-ranging discussion of what went wrong so far and how the Commission wants to go forward. Listen to the Commissioners describe the "gaps" in the experience of the initial candidates that have been reviewed. The second agenda item leads to the Commission's unanimous consent to elevate Leah Feldon to DEQ Deputy Director with "full authority." Link to the agenda. The ...

DEQ: Bullseye meets deadline

SE Portland residents may have cause for optimism this morning as the DEQ announces progress at Bullseye Glass: The DEQ announcement confirmed residents' worst fears though, Arguably, of all the unfiltered chemicals Bullseye has emitted, hexavalent chromium is the most dangerous to human health. Coincidentally, it was hexavalent chromium that propelled Erin Brockovich to fame in 2000; her April visit encouraged local activists. See the DEQ news alert, Bullseye Glass Co. cleans exhaust stacks, completes installation of additional baghouse controls.

EQC Meets to discuss Director Recruitment

All the current candidates are impressive, but the EQC feels it must use professional search to find the next DEQ Director. Listen to the conference call. Download the agenda.

KATU 2: DEQ puts new demands on Bullseye Glass

See the full report: DEQ puts new demands on Bullseye Glass, KATU-2 News.

Strategic Goals for DEQ

I placed it on my calendar as "DEQ Vision and Strategic Goals" – the email came on short notice. The Environmental Quality Commission met this morning to review everything from budgets and setting priorities to the quite candid discussion of DEQ's credibility and how to rebuild it. Listen to the first hour – you'll have to guess who's speaking, but one thing you'll hear is their frank comments about an agency that is working to rebuild trust. http://airAdvocacy.org/mp3/EQC-July-2016.mp3