A right to know

What are your local polluters putting into the air, water and soil around your homes, schools, parks, the places where you live and work?

You have the right to know.

The right to know what hazardous chemicals we are being exposed to is a fundamental principal of environmental justice and a central tenet of the Precautionary Principle (“transparency is mandatory”). Knowledge is the beginning of empowerment and the backbone of sound policymaking. Citizens have the right to know what is in the air we are breathing, the water we rely on, and the soil that sustains us and policy makers must have a sufficient inventory in order to make and enforce regulatory policy that is truly protective of the most vulnerable citizens.

What’s in your air? You have the right to know and that information should be easy to access, readily available, up-to-date.

Oregon has a Toxics Right-to-Know Law already on the books; legislation is currently moving forward that will streamline the law, making it easier to apply. Fully enacted, this law would give the public basic information about what is being emitted into our air and water or disposed of as hazardous waste.

You have the right to know.

We have the right to know.

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