EQC Meets to Refine the Recruitment Search

This is another step in our search for a Director of DEQ - EQC Chair O'Keeffe

The initial search process failed to identify a suitable candidate to be the permanent Director of the DEQ. As the Environmental Quality Commission takes stock of what to do next, a professional search firm from Colorado is selected and today’s meeting includes a wide-ranging discussion of what went wrong so far and how the Commission wants to go forward.

Listen to the Commissioners describe the “gaps” in the experience of the initial candidates that have been reviewed.

The most colossal high-profile failures in the State of Oregon have been people that have come in from out of state to high praise and left with everybody shaking their head. - EQC Chair O'Keeffe

The second agenda item leads to the Commission’s unanimous consent to elevate Leah Feldon to DEQ Deputy Director with “full authority.”

Link to the agenda.

The process has been extended to include a 14-day Public Comment period.
Save the date: 1pm Sept 21st at EQC-A on the 10th floor of DEQ’s headquarters, 811 SW 6th Avenue, Portland Oregon 97204.