DEQ: Bullseye meets deadline

SE Portland residents may have cause for optimism this morning as the DEQ announces progress at Bullseye Glass:

During a site visit on Monday Aug. 29, DEQ confirmed that Bullseye Glass had completed the required work on the stacks. Samples of residues collected from recent cleanout events showed a marked reduction in hexavalent chromium concentrations when compared to an earlier sample. - DEQ

The DEQ announcement confirmed residents’ worst fears though,

Testing this summer found more than 98 percent of chromium emitted from the Bullseye Glass furnace during the glass melting process is converted to hexavalent chromium when exhausted. Hexavalent chromium exposure is linked to respiratory problems and cancer in people. - DEQ

Arguably, of all the unfiltered chemicals Bullseye has emitted, hexavalent chromium is the most dangerous to human health. Coincidentally, it was hexavalent chromium that propelled Erin Brockovich to fame in 2000; her April visit encouraged local activists.

See the DEQ news alert, Bullseye Glass Co. cleans exhaust stacks, completes installation of additional baghouse controls.