Cleaner Air Oregon: Advocacy Groups Express Concerns

Download the Press Release

Download the Press Release

The Eastside Portland Air Coalition, in collaboration with Eugene-based Beyond Toxics, issued a letter this morning to Governor Kate Brown, OHA Director Lynn Saxton, Interim DEQ Director Peter Shepherd, and Deputy DEQ Director Leah Feldon.

Download the Press Release here.

Concerns about the Governor’s Cleaner Air Oregon initiative prompted the letter. Several demands are stated – for starters, the advocacy groups ask the Governor to personally attend the first meeting, but the most compelling demand regards the perception of conflicts of interest,

We are concerned that the odds are already stacked against public health advocates and the general public, which has traditionally been the case in formulating air toxics regulations. For example, Ms. Claudia Powers, the co-chair of the Advisory Committee, is an attorney who represents industry. - from the letter to Governor Kate Brown

Download the letter to Governor Brown.