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KATU 2: DEQ puts new demands on Bullseye Glass

See the full report: DEQ puts new demands on Bullseye Glass, KATU-2 News.

Strategic Goals for DEQ

I placed it on my calendar as "DEQ Vision and Strategic Goals" – the email came on short notice. The Environmental Quality Commission met this morning to review everything from budgets and setting priorities to the quite candid discussion of DEQ's credibility and how to rebuild it. Listen to the first hour – you'll have to guess who's speaking, but one thing you'll hear is their frank comments about an agency that is working to rebuild trust. http://airAdvocacy.org/mp3/EQC-July-2016.mp3

Notes from DEQ Technical Workgroup Meeting for Rulemaking

As part of the regulatory reform process, the Oregon DEQ Technical Workgroup held two day-long meetings this week to compare and contrast different air toxics programs across the country. Programs compared were: Louisville, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Coast (CA), Washington. Oregon was strangely missing. See the DEQ Technical Workgroup page for more information and to read the white papers the group discussed. Here is a brief summary of my notes. I also posted these notes in the EPAC Facebook group so we can all discuss. Overview There seems to be no perfect program and this is a great opportunity for Oregon to be ...

Documentary Film: What’s In Our Air?

A documentary film by Portland filmmaker and clean air advocate Sharon Genasci about air toxics and their effects. Learn about air monitoring, studies by Oregon DEQ, and what we can do to clean up our air.