The Tree Moss Report

The Forest Service Tree Moss Report

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The study that ignited a firestorm in SE Portland – the U.S. Forest Service released its long-anticipated tree moss report today.

Cheaper than instrument air monitors, hundreds of tree moss samples were taken around Portland. The results led to clear pinpointing of toxic metal emissions where regulators had only suspicions previously.

Measuring pollutant levels in bioindicators is less costly than using instruments (each moss sample costs about $150 for labor and lab analysis), thereby making it possible to collect the large number of samples needed to detect and quantify pollutants that disperse short distances from their source. - Forest Service report

Since word first broke of the study and the hotspots around glass manufacturers it showed, almost non-stop attention has been focused on the DEQ, the surrounding neighborhood and local elected officials as they came to terms with what apparently had been happening, in Bullseye Glass’s case, for 42 years – highly toxic metal emissions were spewing unfiltered across an unsuspecting population while regulators did nothing.

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