EPAC Meets with Wyden, Merkley and Blumenauer Staff

Our US Senators and Representative are fighting for us!

EPAC met with the Wyden, Merkley and Blumenauer field representatives and staffers this week. We were joined by our colleagues at Hayden Island Neighborhood Association, Cully Air Action Team, South Portland Air Quality, Portland Clean Air, and Neighbors for Clean Air. We demonstrated the solidarity we have built as sister advocacy groups and what it looks like when those affected most put their voices together for a common goal.

In addition to our own work, we discussed naphthalene in The Dalles, glyphosate in Portland Parks, the work that Beyond Toxics is doing all over Oregon, the unregulated demolition of houses containing lead and asbestos, the fight for unleaded aviation fuel by Aviation Watch, and the lead in our children’s drinking water. All those problems are products of our regulatory bodies looking the other way for too many years. We reminded them that we were fighting for not just filtration, but for responsible practices in the use AND disposal of those hazardous pollutants.

Their clear message back to us: 

Keep doing exactly what you are doing
So keep up the fight air warriors! Your voices are being heard all the way across the country! Our advocates in Washington DC can fight harder for us if those that would ignore us can hear you yelling!

As always, please let us know if you have any ideas about fighting for cleaner air.

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